Sunday, August 1, 2010

3 Weeks and Counting...



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I can not believe it is already August! I remember coming home from school in December and thinking 6 months would last FOREVER. Unfortunately the days are flying by and I will be leaving for Vermont in only 23 days. Thanks to my lovely friend Denise I have been following fashion blogs for some time now and was inspired to create this "I'm going to Vermont Blog" to share all my thoughts and adventures with those of you at home that will hopefully never have to experience the likes of Colchester, Vermont. 

With that being said, of all things traveling I HATE packing! The first of many daunting tasks in preparation for moving across the country is packing up all my stuff. Hopefully I will be able to do so quickly and efficiently (and with pictures) so I will have more time to play. Being the first post and all I decided to share some pictures of how nicely others have packed which will hopefully motivate me to get started. Be sure to keep visiting my blog and I'll try to keep it interesting!

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  1. wahhhh don't leave!!! i'm going to mish my bestie :(

    p.s. i better see a lot of cute winter ensembles on here!

  2. Awesome job! Don't forget to update, so we know whats going on with you.


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