Friday, August 6, 2010

Can We Say Resourceful...

Rachel Bilson has the most amazing style and puts together such fabulous outfits effortlessly. I absolutely love her army jacket and when I saw these pictures I knew I wanted one. Now guess where hers is from? GAP KIDS! So naturally while I was out today with Irene we stopped by Gap Kids to see if there was anything worthy. As luck would have it as we turned into the little boy section we find the cutest cargo jacket. We got matching coats!

Gap Kid's Cargo Jacket

The picture really does not do the jacket justice. When you try it on, it is so freakin cute! I am so excited to wear it, I hope it's practical for cold weather too. The best part, since it's Kids I think we saved like $30!

Finally, just a picture for giggles. Irene and I thought we would make a little tribute to all our friends that have recently become hermits and are addicted the unfortunate video game known as Star Craft 2.


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  1. these blogs need to take a page of facebook' and have like buttons--though i'd prefer love buttons--because i love this post!

    so, (love button).


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