Thursday, August 19, 2010

Firsts and Lasts...

It's official. Monday at 7 am is my flight to Vermont. 
The feelings haven't completely hit me yet but seeing all my college friends heading back to school and preparing themselves for their first day of school is definitely surreal. I had my last playdate in Pasadena which makes me sad because it's such a fun city. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home so I was not able to take pictures for you guys but I'll try to summarize the last two days.

I saw The Other Guys with Mr. AL and it is HANDS DOWN one of the funniest movies I have ever seen! Go watch it.

Our dear friend Jack "the baller shot caller" Lac motivated us all to learn the "dougie" on Saturday night. Mr. AL decided it would be beneficial for us both to watch "teach me how to dougie dance tutorials." Enough said.

Man vs Wild. Mr. AL and I were enthralled by the works of Bear Grylls. If you haven't seen this show it will blow your mind. Basically he drops out of a plane into the middle of no where and then brilliantly scrambles to civilization all while purifying his own water and eating snakes. Boggles the mind I tell you.

In moving news, my lovely roommate has moved into our apartment already and she sent me some pictures of our new home. It's nice and clean and new and quite exciting. (I'll post pictures after I get there.) Every time I step into Ikea I can not wait to have a home to decorate, thus I am more then thrilled to make my new apartment homey and cute. I am already looking for inspiration. Stay tuned :)

Desire to Inspire
Desire to Inspire
Desire to Inspire



  1. Now if someone asks you to teach them how to dougie, you can. your welcome.

  2. Man VS Wild.. Is that the one when he drank his own pee?


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