Friday, August 27, 2010

Got Nothin on California Tacos...

I know it has been a few days but I have been adventuring in Maine and New Hampshire and have not been able to upload pictures. I'll try to spread out my posts over a few days so you guys won't be overwhelmed :) 

So a few days back I had to take care of my car registration and auto insurance and I was told I had to give up my California drivers license for a Vermont one! I KNOW RiGHT!! Fortunately, the lady at the DMV said it wasn't necessary so I only had to get Vermont plates (so I don't stick out and get pulled over  by the popo). Anyways, according to Vermont law you have to get a "safety check" on your car every year and apparently having tinted window is illegal and so are some California car parts. A long story short a $30 check up turned into a $500 part replacement :( Sorry parentals.

In happier news, we all know that LA is known for the fabulous taco trucks that roam the streets. Oh, how I miss it. Colchester Vermont has no taco trucks. Instead they have a yellow school bus that serves Michigan style hot dogs. They were not at the taco truck level but still quite good. Here are some pictures to keep you all entertained!

I asked the man for a picture hoping he would let me on the bus...he came out instead :(

In school related news, I have orientation tomorrow bright and early. Not too excited for the lists and lists of speakers but I AMM excited to get my laptop! LOL Till tomorrow.

Love, Steph


  1. NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Yeah any state east of Las Vegas is just whack!

  2. COMEBACK@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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