Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Krull the Warrior King...

One of the things I will miss the most when I leave is my cute little maltipoo Marley. He is probably the most adorable white doggie with giant alien eyes you have ever seen (refer to side bar picture). This is all before his disaster of a haircut that took place last night. I'll give you all a brief recap:

My sister recently found out a guy that she works with is also a dog groomer on the side and asked him if he would be willing to groom our little devil of a dog. Marley is probably the worst dog to groom EVER. He screams, crys, barks, bites, the works. It's almost like we're trying to eat him, not make him pretty. Anyways, I leave Marley and my sister and wish them the best of luck at the groomer. On my drive home from work I call my sister and ask, "how's his haircut?" She replies..."uhh just hurry home." That does not sound promising and the result...a naked mole rat.

Apparently, my mother may have casually stated that Marley's hair was out of control and that the groomer should just cut it all off. While there may have been some lost in translation going on the result is a completely shaved maltipoo. In addition, my crazy dog was being so difficult the man was only able to cut his body and did not touch his face. He now looks like an alien dog with a giant head and small body. Every time I look at him I don't know if I should laugh or feel sad. I 100% believe he is depressed about his current appearance.

To make Marley feel better I brought him over for a play date with his friend Po. Po showed us his new cape, yes he is a very fashion forward and has a cape. Po proceeded to sniff Marley's butt (another routine part of their play dates).

best friends have best friend dogs!

Till tomorrow.


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