Monday, August 2, 2010

Love Means Nothing to a Tennis Player...

I know that this is not exactly "move" related but I am getting to the packing, promise! This morning my sister and I got a chance to play tennis which is such a rarity with the schedules we have. My sister has always been a much better tennis player then I ever was, but since she hasn't played in a while I think we are finally at the same level :)  

In moving news....
  1.  I decided that it would be best for me to get the "underground year round" parking pass at my apartment complex. While the price of the permit is ridiculously expensive I figure that when all the other cars are covered in snow and must be carved out, the money will be worth it. God knows I will not be able to shovel my car out HA!
  2. Earlier in the summer I saw the curriculum for my fall classes and was a littttle stressed at the sight of the course load. I even considered getting the books beforehand to start studying but Mr. AL let me know that that is not socially acceptable...HAHA thanks. In any case, this morning I opened my emails to find the online bookstore is open. After clicking through my books the total came to a whopping $400 for 2 books! I am sad.


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