Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pasadena Playtime...


So like everyone has their own way of winding down and relaxing but unlike most people I do not know how to relax. The one thing that puts me at ease is (don't judge me) going to bookstores and reading magazines with my coffee.  I know I'm weird and nerdy, whatever I love my magazines&coffee! I hope they have Barnes&Nobles in Vermont otherwise I do not how I will survive. I got to do that so I am a happy camper.

Mr. AL told me to entertain myself while he was studying very diligently so after I finished my magazine I resorted to sneakily taking pictures :) After he made me a yummy dinner so while there was no packing or planning yesterday I'd say it was still a successful day. 

Today was neither fun nor productive, I had work all day so I have nothing to share.


ps. thank you to all my wonderful friends that have been reading my blog HAHA


  1. Stephanie!! How cute is your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm following~!! LOVE IT.


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