Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Surprise Surprise....

I want to start off by saying I have the most amazing friends EVERR!!
 With that being said, my awesome friends decided to throw me a "surprise" going away bonanza but forgot to inform me of any plans whatsoever. sigh.

Saturday night was my last going out in LA weekend before I head out to the big VT. My lovely friends decided to put together a small gathering for me but from what I heard it was quite a project. What with one friend vaca-ing in Mexico, one incapable of planning,  two that have never formally met my college friends, and a boy I can only imagine what they went through. I thank you all for your efforts because I  had a blast :)

Anyways, after I got off from work I called Mij to discuss the events of the night at which point she stated that  there was surprise party for me NOW and I should get dressed 5 mins ago. All the little details begin to click and I frantically threw clothes into a bag and rushed out the door. Mij was willing to compromise as she let me know I could shower but my hair needed to air dry in the car ride down to Pasadena! THANKS. Despite the confusing start the night was so much fun. I have missed my UOP friends greatly and it was super awesome seeing them all in their drunken states :) I will miss you guys!

Dinner at Oinkster, yummy. Off to HWood! Now I usually don't mind what the crowd is like at these Hollywood clubs just because I'm not really there to met anyone new. But I'm not going to lie, Saturday was a whole new experience in itself and I do not think I will be making my return to HWood. HA

Four Loco. 

Yes, he is chugging a BOTTLE of wine pre club!

smushed with love

Thank you guys for everything!


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