Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Go to Maine for Lobstah and Lighthouses...

After hours of outlets and shopping we decided it was time to do something special to Maine We decided to hit up the Maine state visitor center in hopes of getting some input and direction. Being from California I have no idea what is well known in Maine but apparently lighthouses are the thing to do. Thus, that is exactly what we did.
Information Lady: Ok, so here is a map that will take you to the lighthouse.
Me: Ok
IL: Go north down this road, make a left at the giant oak tree, and take a loop around blank street. After you see the bridge make sure you turn right at the second street heading east and that will take you along the scenic highway. After you pass blank street you will head northeast, turn left, and continue until you see a giant church at which point you will head southwest and see the lighthouse. Got it?
Me: Do you have a physical address I can put into the GPS?
IL: Sweetie, it's not that hard just follow the map and directions
Me: ....thanks...

We did eventually find it, but only  because I texted google for an address to put into the GPS!

Now you have all seen the lighthouse of Maine :)

Finally, I just need to put out there that driving in Maine/New Hampshire SUCKS! Why...because if you take one wrong exist it'll cost you $4 since you'll being paying tolls there and back. Stupid east coast freeways and stupid toll booths.

School news: Tomorrow is the first official day of pharmacy school and it is quite scary. I just have one class tomorrow, pathophysiology and it does not look fun. I started reading but the most exciting part was writing on my tablet computer (I'm a little kid I know). I shall let you know how it goes tomorrow!


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