Saturday, September 11, 2010

Breakfast Does the Body Good?...

I'm sorry that my blog has been naked for a few days. I feel like I just updated but when I look back at the dates I realize...not so much. I'm sure you will be all happy to hear that I (or my friends who actually remember to bring a camera) have been documenting our adventures so I can share them with you. They will be up shortly. In the meantime heres's a little teaser to hold you over.

If you know you me at all you know that I do not eat breakfast. I do not know what it is, maybe my strong hatred for milk or the fact that in the morning all I can think about is jumping back into bed. In any case, Mr. AL is always telling me how important breakfast is and how it helps you think better...blah blah blah. LOL jk but really. So...since I am now bombarded with biochem at 8 am three days a week, I figure my brain could use all the help it can get. Thus, I've decided to give this whole breakfast shenanigans a try.

Cinnamon Raison toast with peanut butter and my beloved Orange Juice

Blueberry Scone, Banana, Coffee

So far so good right? Well I have my first set of exams coming up so it's time to become a hermit. I'm going somewhere SUPPPERR exciting to study today but I don't want to give it away before I do a post on it. Sorry...until tomorrow.



  1. Finally! you take my advice. your brain will thank you.

  2. good choice in buying bananas..we need our potassium!


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