Friday, September 24, 2010

I Am Alive...

Hello! I know I have been neglecting my readers but I have had a busy 2 weeks of straight testing. I wouldn't exactly call this time a "break" since I have another on tues then monday and it just never ends. On a brighter note, Selina and I decided to reward ourselves with a massive pizza. Unfortunately, our plan to demolish this large pizza failed miserably because we each ate 2 slices and were in food coma. J.Na you would have been very disappointed in my performance.

The rest of my pictures are just random events and tid bits that have accumulated over the weeks. Sorry!

My first encounter with Dunkin. His donuts are acceptable but his coffee is definitely nothing compared to Starbucks. I mean honestly when I see a layer of sugar floating at the bottom of my iced coffee I feel a sadness within. Major Fail.
 I miss my  upside-down Iced Caramel Macchiato.

Marlana and Selina went into Sushi withdrawals here in Vermont due to its lack of asian food.They decided to settle for supermarket deli sushi and as you can see...they are happy. 

I haven't had a chance to show you all where I spend the most time. Room VT 114. Here are some pictures of the lecture hall and the building known as school. My hand gestures are to simulate a "ta-da" effect. 

This is the TV I watch when I have lectures from New York. 

Ah the lovely flow charts of Immunology.

This last piece is a little out of place and extra random BUT I just had to share. This is my friend Julie. She is from Maryland. This is her very FIRST hot cheeto, EVER! HHAAHAH 

So like I said the past 2 weeks have been unbelievably tiring and it is not slowing down anytime soon. Anyone that knows me knows that when I study I tend to binge study with the 8+ hours a day and have a bad habit of freaking out. I know all I can do is try my hardest but sometimes I worry that my best isn't enough. In any case, the hardest ones are done and I have a week break before round 2 so I am definitely trying to enjoy it. 
Side note: I'm not sure if this is a common "perk" of technology friendly schools but in each of my classes all the exams are 100% online. After you hit submit there is an OK button and upon pressing it...your grade appears! Maybe it's just me but WTF! HAH I do not like this feature at all because honestly after an exam all I wanna do is peace out. [In case you were wondering, I just shut my computer and not look =) ]

Anyways, to relieve myself of such a stressful 3 exams I decided to go out and buy the world. Boy do I love pretty things. I think that is about everything. My brain is really not functioning at full speed at this point but I wanted to update you all so here you are. I'll try to be better with the blog. 



  1. Im very proud of you girl!
    Keep up the good work!
    and dont worry or doubt yourself, you will do just fine =)
    Miss you lots!

  2. I love your blog! I am your number 2 fan! Mr.Al(I am assuming that is his nickname)is most likely the first!


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