Thursday, September 30, 2010

On My Way to Doctor...

I have been to two white coat ceremonies while at UOP and today I attended my own white coat. Prior to the event everyone was really excited and had such high expectations for what would happen. Lucky for me I knew what laid ahead and thus was neither excited nor nervous for what was to come. Walking out I did feel a little sad that my family and friends couldn't be there to see the "start" of it all, so you all better be at graduation! Since you guys couldn't be there I took the liberty of being a camera whore and capturing everything.

Lots of people had their families, siblings, and boyfriends come up this weekend and it only makes me miss home that much more. Hurrrryyy winter break! For my fashionista friends (Irene, Mijean) I hope I made you guys proud with the outfit selection. FYI I get to wear professional wear once a week so SHOPPING when I get back =) 
It's been a month since I've been in VT and I guess you could say time is going by semi-fast. I'm glad the people here are totally awesome otherwise it would make this whole experience that much suckier. I don't have a quiz tomorrow WOOT WOOT ( I usually have 7 quizzes a week) so I decided to be a social butterfly and go to dinner with my classmates and watch jersey shore. My neighbor Anthony is constantly hasseling me for not going out and eating/drinking with them. Old habits die hard what can I say, I'm a home body! LOL I'll post the rest of my pics on Facebook so stop by! Miss you all <3


P.S In early September a friend and fellow blog that I follow Pretty Stems was holding a give away and I decided to enter for the hell of it. I had a pleasant surprise today when I received an email that I WON!! I'll be sure to show you guys what the wonderful Jessica sends my way, Thanks! Check out her blog it seriously keeps me entertained in my treacherous 8 AMs.

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  1. loves the outfit! you look gorgeous and so grown up! i'm so proud of you, bestie!!!


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