Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reunited and it Feels SO Good...

I know what you all have been thinking. What does Barnes and Noble -Vermont look like? Well, today is your lucky day because I have pictures. Yay! I already let you guys know that I've spent quite some time there this weekend but I didn't get a chance to upload the pictures. 

ta da! =)

This was my first dose of Starbucks since arriving in the VT. Not only does Vermont NOT have hot cheetos (which many of you have also expressed your disapproval for) but apparently Starbucks is not a staple item in  the lives of Vermonters. I KNOW RIGHT?! (For those of you who didn't know I do believe I single handedly keep Starbucks in booming business). So there are ONLY like two Starbucks in the surrounding area and they aren't that close to me...makes me sad. In addition, here's a little factoid for all you Californias out there. Apparently the coffee of choice in Vermont is...get this...Dunkin Donuts! Like honestly, how many of you have ever stepped foot in a Dunkin Donuts let alone tried their coffee HA. Well the DD consumes Vermont and with these 8 am lectures growing exponentially boring I may have to convert...I said MAY.

Moving on. My first exam is tomorrow and even though I have been studying I'm super nervous because I have no idea what to expect. Lucky for me right as I was feeling overwhelmed look what arrived in the mail.

Yes it is a hot pink Hello Kitty Laptop Sleeve and yes I am 22 years old. But I love it! This pretty much made my day HAHA Whoever said money can't buy happiness obviously did not know how to shop online or in person for that matter. That is all, I'm off to memorize my Top 280. 



  1. I actually started drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee last year, and I'm not going to lie, it is GOOD. I don't eat at that establishment, but they really do make decent coffee.

  2. I <3 your laptop case and your labtop =D


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