Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spontaneity is Key...

Sometimes you just have to stand up, blast music, and have a dance party! Last night, it was necessary. After a few trips to Walmart and the bright idea to dye hair (not mine) this is what happened next. The game plan for the day was to be uber productive...unfortunately I ended 
 up lollygagging my life away while the 
others took a different "not-studying" approaches. 
Marlana took three separate 10 min 'naps' (but honestly who even 
actually considers that a nap). Anyways, I told her she should have just taken one 30 min sleep but whatever.
Selina was actually quite productive with her time as she took a solid 2 hour nap, painted her 
nails, curled her hair, cooked a salmon pasta dinner, and found time to review 1 slide.
The night concluded with me dying the heads of my two friends. 
I'm not gonna lie I love playing hairdresser!

"ta-da" Again =)

How to have a dance party
1. Put on tie dye t shirts (because you just feel cool-er)
2. Blast Magic by B.O.B ft Rivers Cuomo, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
3. Dance party in sesh!

I did no work yesterday and even though we didn't go out out it was one of the funnest random nights. After our dance party I went next door and played Beer Pong. I'm pretty sure people underestimate me because I'm asian and small. LOL Specials thanks to J.Na, Woo, and DP for always forcing me to play and making me awesome! OK today is the day to be productive. Even though my side is hurting and I think I'm going to die of some kind of organ failure. I figure I won't be exempt from my exams until I actually die so I must continue studying. Toodles!



  1. ROFL! I actually did laugh OUT LOUD! This post is the most hilarious by far =)Now that I gotten my reward for the day..onto the studying!

  2. awww i love this post...great night :)


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