Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taking that Risk of Faith...

This post is going to be total update overload but I know you guys love me so you'll bare with me. One of the things on my "to-do" list since arriving in Vermont was to find a church to start going to, but I always hate going by myself in the beginning. Then when I went over to my friend Selina's room I noticed she had the cutest 'prayer wall' EVER and I knew she would be my church buddy (even if she didn't know it yet =) She has been going to a church called Mosaic and after going today I'm really happy I went with her. Not only does it totally remind me of Reality in Stockton but the message today totally and completely spoke to me. The message was about having that faith to know that God is leading your life in the right direction. That each time you wonder "How do I know I'm on the right path? Or with the right person? Or living my life by God's guidelines?" you don't and can only trust that God will lead you. I feel inspired and ready to continue to grow closer to God while I'm here.

A few days ago I ended up adventuring to the gym with some of my friends. I know I know, me...go to the gym?! Yes, I decided to at least attempt to go to the gym (for now). I had my friend Julie take a picture to document the task for another Julie. Who never stopped giving me crap for never wanting to go to the gym with her. LOL Here is your PROOF!

After the gym we wandered over to T-bones Restaurant where we went ahead and ate the world. Unfortunately, on the way out it started pouring rain! Stupid Vermont weather, as you can see from our sad faces. There were THUNDER STORMS the other day where I could see the actual strikes of thunder...I kid you not.

Moving on. The funny thing about Pharmacy school is they know that they are inhabiting a whole group of nerds who will study so hard for exams that eventually they WILL burn out. Thus, they provide fun activities to try to coax us out of our caves and instill relaxation into our lives. I give you, Bowling Night.

arm twitch (acteylcholine rush)

I found out that I'm much better at Wii bowling. 

Next. I suddenly have like a bank of pictures from my adventures and they are getting backed up so my posts will be delayed, I'm sorry. Anyways, the super cool place that I have been studying at is none other than Barnes and Nobles. HAH I know some of you are laughing and giggling as you read this and rightfully so. I love B&N and B&N loves me! We've been through pretty much all of my academic testings and more so it's only right that I have returned to the mothership to study for my first pharmacy exam. I have been there for 16+ hours over two days now and as painful as it is, I love it =) 

Finally, I want to wish a HAPPY 22nd Birthday to Kitty Tung. I'm sorry you are studying on your birthday BUT we will make it up to you.

And a belated Happy Birthday shout out to Jon Chan. I hope you had a wonderful birthday (even though I heard you did not reach Birthday Steph status and die). Redo in December!

Now that my 9, yes I got one more follower, are entertained I can return back to my books! 



  1. HAHA that picture of us and your comment about my arm twitch and acetylcholine rush made me laugh really hard. i tried explaining it to danny and he did not find it funny at all. maybe you'd have to read a patho book for 10 hours in order to find it funny..............

  2. hhhhahaha I do love the AcH comment.

  3. ahhh i love your posts!!! thanks for the shout-out eee!! :)


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