Monday, September 6, 2010

What Holiday...

Once upon a time a three day weekend  meant one extra day to play and not look at school work. Those days have sadly passed me by and now a day off from school simply means an extra 24 hours to catch up on readings. I was stuck inside all weekend listening to prerecorded lectures, completing homeworks, finishing workshops, and memorizing my Top 280 drug flash cards. On a less depressing note, I hope you all had a super fun Labor Day weekend! 

Everyone asks me what I have been up to and as much as I want to answer them with exciting adventures this is all I have to show for week 1 in Vermont. The best part about graduate school is everyone is more then willing to be nerdy with you! I have found my niche =)

The secret to our success...sugar and LOTS of it! I know Mr. AL is super jealous right now and wishing he came to pharmacy school. Study sesh = mounds of CANDY!

I have always been a yahoo user but apparently gmail is a MUST in pharmacy school because they make you pretty calendars and you can only view them if you have gmail. If you know me you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE them pretty calendars. Thus, I have converted. With that being said, I now know how many other people use google so all you fools out there reading my blog with google...FOLLOW ME! (I also found this STATS button and apparently my blog has been viewed 30 times by someone in the Netherlands. LOL Someone in the Netherlands loves me HAH). 

Off to read patho! Toodles,


  1. now that you have gchat, will you stop using AIM? Veesh5 has no reason to be online without lx steffgong xl.

  2. I like the picture style... it looks like the photos my mom took of me when i was 4


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