Monday, October 11, 2010

Biochemistry, Blogging...Same Difference

Excuse my intense blogging over the past few days but I have no outlet to the outside world and without school to overwhelm me I resort to blogging. This post is not exactly Vermont related but my friend Mijean recently left me a comment about new merchandise she has accumulated and wants to share with me which gave me this idea. I have also recently gained some new pieces and need to show my friends (the ones that care at least) because I can't show you in person. I need to get outside and take some outfit pictures with these items but until then...

In The Olsens Closet
I needed a school bag and MK here pretty much sums it up. Big enough for my laptop, chic enough to complete any outfit, and messenger strap so I can carry my coffee(s). I would kill for that Givenchy seriously. I was worried mine was TOO big and overwhelmed my frame, but clearly that is NOT a problem. I shall show you mine soon!

Ah yes the life of a pharmacy student. I wanted to blog and yet all I have to show for myself today is sitting in the same chair, looking at the same page, same slide pretty much all day long. Depressing and sad I know and yet my notes look surprisingly neat and "smart," that in itself brings just a slimmer of happiness.

On another note, WHAT AM I GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN?! I always had Julie to give me ideas and just go from there and this year I'm on my own. I can't believe it's in only  a couple weeks, I need to add that to be check list of things to do. Any Ideas?

k time to vchat!


  1. I don't have to be the ninja! We can figure something out.

    for a last minute on the go idea- you can do punk rock star with your leather jacket!

  2. I used to totally look at my biochem notes and marvel at my color-coded sections and nicely highlighted notes. I think part of the fun in studying is laying out all your highlighters and gel pens :)

    So am I gonna get to skype with you anytime soon?? I have SO SO much to show and tell you loveeee <3


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