Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friends Forever

I am thankful that I have you.

I have the most amazing friends, like ever! 
Two hour catch up sesh with Miss Na and I realize that memories are such a cherished luxury. 

"Do you want a can of ecstasy, DO YOU?"

HAHA I can honestly say I don't want that can. I am grateful and happy with what is mine. I miss the crying sessions, bathroom tornados, and tag team dying but I am so glad I got to shared those times with you. I look forward to our lives in fairy tale land =)

 I stayed up late last night writing a blog post about how blessed I am to have such amazing people that care about me in my life. In the middle of catching up with Julie I realized that not everyone is as lucky to have people to look back on all our mistakes (cough boys cough), accomplishments, and randoms and laugh about it. I wrote half the post and felt like something was missing.
 Today at church the message was about relationships with God, friends, boys and people in general. How sometimes in life we get caught up in what we want to accomplish in life and how much success we hope to achieve that we take those around us for granted. I KNOW I am guilty of that. I tend to get caught up in all that I want in life that I think my friends and family will always be there. The pastor's anecdote was...when you die, even if you don't have any great accomplishments or wealth, you want to be THAT person that has a room filled with people that WANT to be there because you have touched their lives in some way or other. I can only hope I touch someone's life with that much impact.

I LOVE and APPRECIATE you all!
(sorry I can't put up pictures of everyone but maybe everyday I'll try to post one or two)

Not in any particular order HA but just people I happen to have lots of pictures of first. Miss and love you all! Leave me comments on how you are all doing, I wanna know <3



  1. cool good to know how much you miss me :] jkkkkk

    but i went shopping today and i got really cute stuff so we need to skype

  2. wo ai ni & xiang ni, wo de hao peng you <3


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