Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peak Season...

It's Sunday but I do not have the Sunday Blues. You know why?
 Because I have no school tomorrow OR Tuesday! Fall Break I heart you! 
I finally got a chance to go out in Vermont and I definitely made the most of it. Minus the part where we were in the wrong bar, the part where my roommate was leaving her shoes on the dance floor, the part where my other Korean Julie almost got into a fight, the part where Chris DID get in a fight and kicked out...I'd say it was a success.

 Yes my school has White people. Yes I know my friends are all Asian. No, I do not care.
Next to LA tacos and Mcdonalds, the best hungover food is PHO. Thanks to Julie we had a mission the next morning. Consume some MSG.

We had mouths from New York, Maryland, Illinois, and LA and the general consensus was that Vermont Pho is prettttyyy legit. We were four small asian girls that went to eat like it was our last meal. I kid you not we each ordered EVERYTHING thinking we could kill it all. I have yet to win a food  battle. I got my usual vermicelli, I've had better but considering my current geography I'm not complaining.

 The aftermath. Food coma. Please do not kill me.

This morning on our way to church, Selina and I encountered a strange and yet oddly amusing sight.
Lots and lots of bikers being escorted by police men for no reason...only in Vermont I suppose.

Everyone asks me if the leaves have started to change colors. Well apparently last friday was "peak season" for leave changing so I assume that means the answer is "yes." This is the drive up to my apartment and as you can see the leaves have indeed started to change colors. As lame as it sounds it is actually quite pretty; I'll try to snap a few more pictures before the leaves fall off. The weather is changing really quickly here and it is starting to get a bit cold...eek I'm nervous. That is all for now, toodles!



  1. HAHAHAHHAHAH Perfect description of our night out! Can't wait to go out again so I can have pho with you guys.

    THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    at least you didnt put up the one where i was in that awkward childs pose........


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