Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pretty Stems...

As many of you know (or may not know) I won a giveaway from the fashion blog Pretty Stems a while back. I received the package last Thursday and have been patiently waiting for my exams and bad weather to pass so I can show you guys the super cute outfit Jessica styled for me! 
Upon opening the package, I pulled out a pair of suede black booties and almost fainted, seriously I have a pair of these in every single one of my shopping carts. I was still in the "pondering" stage and then look what arrives. Without further adieu, outfit a la Jessica Lee. Thanks again.

Do you love or do you love?!? So the outfit consists of a grey and black stripped puff sleeve shirt with black bow detailed on the shoulder, a structured black skirt, amazing booties, cheetah beanie, and chandler earrings (I'll do a close up of those later.) Be sure to check out her blog for future giveaways or just inspiration in 
general! I'll have another post about what I've been up to lately but for now, pretty shoes and pretty clothes. 
I tried with the outfit pictures. Special thanks to my photographer Selina!!!



  1. Awww~!! I Love that you LOVE! <3
    Keep following my PrettyStems for more giveaways!! I love the pics!!

  2. The photos are AMAZING. and the clothes-FABULOUS!!! YOUR TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. I <3 your shoes =)


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