Saturday, October 16, 2010

Restless Days...

Isn't it weird that you can be content or even happy one minute and then, out of no where...not? I contemplated writing this post but I figure I'm using this as a personal journal of my journey in Vermont so I'll just stick with it. I have only been here about 2 months and it feels like an eternity; it makes me wonder how I'm supposed to survive 4 years. For the most part I'm a pretty optimistic and happy person that is grateful for all that God has given me. I really hope his plan for me is something amazing because I truly felt like my life was perfect before I left -- minus the part about Pharmacy school. 
The last couple of weeks have just been so intensely packed and it makes me wonder if I'm ready for this emotional roller coaster. I am completely emotionally drained like exhausted to the point where I sometimes just feel nothing. We had our second Biochemistry test today. I took a 5 hour nap(sleep) after. When Mr. AL asked how it went, without a second of hesitation I just answered "it was fine, but anyways..." HAH talk about denial. I ended up watching Mulan (remind me to explain my reasons for why Mulan is the most LEGIT disney princess) with some friends tonight.

I forgot how much I love this movie and how totally awesome the songs are! I've been asking Mr. AL to watch with me but I ended up having to watching without him, tear (insert hand gesture). Right after watching the movie is where the "not so happy" feelings just flooded the gates. I think I am getting my first boughts of home sick-ness. I just miss my friends, my sister,my parentals, the Marles, and AL. No matter how happy I am I feel this emptiness inside, like things are missing. Some things just can not be fixed with virtual hugs.

The weather in Vermont SUCKS! I kid you not there was a freaking hurricane happening outside yesterday/last night/ now. I have never seen such temperamental winds. My classroom has a panel of windows and looking outside I noticed the trees were horizontal...that's never a good sign. So instead, you get a lovely picture of HOME.

Hmmm....the perks of a white doggie? Just something to ponder, perhaps =)

Sorry for the long entries with the lack of real pictures but when you don't feel cute it's hard to look cute!

Little snipet of our lives:
Steph: OMG my friend sent me a link that says LV outlet? I think it's fake though because it says $60 for the Speedy bag.
Adrian: Isn't there a Chanel outlet at Cabazon Outlets?
S: WHAT!?!? A CHANEL outlet, how did I NOT know about this...(frantically googling)
A: Oh...wait, maybe it's a COACH Outlet....


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  1. that was a fail. I was totally excited about a LV outlet! He bought me up just to bring me


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