Monday, October 18, 2010

To Infinite and Beyond...

You can all thank my friend Julie Yu for snapping some outfit pics! I know all you Cali girls are jealous that I've already bust out my Autumn/Winter attire. Although, in a few months when you guys are still rockin cute clothes I will be a frozen popsicle not looking so cute. Life's a tradeoff, what can we do. Anyways back to the point of the post, I recently got an INFINITE scarf! I love me some scarves but this one is beige and circular and fluffy and oh so cute. Scarves are so versatile, you can wear this one 8 different ways!! -- it came with directions HA

Some LOVE from Vermont to all my lovelies.

On another note, Happy 22nd Birthday to the lovely JULIE NA! In lieu of the typical "US" pictures here are some throwback Halloweens to get ready for one of our favs =) Miss you lots.

Putting out the fire in '07

Love Bug '08

 Sushi in '09

Christmas '08

I <3 our sewing skills! Some costume ideas for the rest of you.
So pretty much have 4 quizzes and 2 tests this week to go. GAH, I thought today was Wednesday but unfortunately it's only Monday. Hope you are all having a wonderful week. 



  1. I love halloween! I CAN NOT WAIT for our craziness to begin!

  2. i love all of it! miss you tons too <3

  3. Eee! I lava your scarf! I just got a black infiniti one tooo :)

    You + me + scarves = fashion show.


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