Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Chickens are Served....

Oops sorry this post was supposed to be like 2 days ago. Anyways, after we finished our exams Marlana's freinds from Boston came to play and Mr. AL found a super cute place for us to check out, FarmHouse Tap and Grill (very AL, no?) The place was filled with character and had pretty good food.

Of course AL had to be special and order rabbit and chicken liver. Typical. 
After dinner we proceeded with beer games, more specifically "You God Served!" If you've never played then you've never lived. FYI if there was a competition/winner between myself and Mr. AL you can bet your a** I dominated =)
Moving on, after beer games we went off to go bar hopping in downtown Church Street. Took a ride in Alibaba's taxi cab/ DJ booth, Reggae Night, Electro-Hip Hop, freeeeeezing cold, home, death, pushing the button (all AL). HAHA eventful to say the least. Mr. AL comes from the land of LA and his words "Vermont kicked my a**." Success.
Since I was going to be alone on Thanksgiving, AL suggested with do Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday night and that we did. Thanks for everything <3

Back to reality.

Love, Steph


  1. yummy good job!! I wish farmhouse was opened today =(

  2. ^wow marlana is always so on it with your posts hahaha


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