Thursday, November 25, 2010

He Came & He Left

Excuse my tired, no makeup, unfortunate face in these pictures. I had just finished taking my LAST exam and upon returning home noticed we were plaid twins. This is me trying to convince him to take a picture with me whilst almost breaking his finger (notice left hand across body).

Since I haven't had much time to blog while Mr. AL was here I'll do a couple posts on the past week. So I had a last exam, he cooked me dinner, I took the last exam, freeeeedoomm, coffee date, and FINALLY explored some of Vermont. I should have taken a picture of me "trying" to study but while I still had classes AL cooked me delish dinner and didn't complain at all when I could only offer my divided attention =)

My life in Vermont seriously consists of studying 24/7 with the occasional trips to Costco, Starbucks, and like Walmart. Thus, when Mr. AL asked where I'd be taking him there was definitely a long and awkward silence followed with an "uhhhhh." Being super awesome he did some serious research and found lots of fab places to check out and try. I seriously have never seen, passed, or heard of any of these amazing places and after only 4 days in VT I'm pretty sure AL has a better sense of Vermont than I do.

American Flatbread

Although, now everyone has left me and I am here in VT (with the exception of James Guan, thank goodness). AL left at 6:00AM this morning which meant me waking up at 4AM (I KNOWW....) to take him to the airport. I came home and sleepily climbed back into bed and pretty much slept the day away. It's depressingly quiet here in my very empty apartment complex but thank goodness AL cooked me enough food to feed a family of 40 for a year so I literally roll off the bed, eat, and return LOL. Look forward to more posts/pictures to come! Tomorrow at 9:00AM James and I will be hitting the Vermont Black Friday Scene! Eeek Shopping is the perfect cure for my "I'm away from everyone" saddness. Till Tomorrow Loves.

Happy Thanksgiving :)


My family got Portos Cheese Rolls and ate it in front of me =(


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