Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Schmoliday...

Ahhh yes the sweet smell of sleep and peace...kinda. The worst is over and now I have so much to look forward to I can barely contain my excitement. Yesterday was a very emotion filled day what with the Patho exam, checking of scores (friends not me), and lounging around without a care in the world. After the exam all the girls were pumped and ready to hit the gym and whilst half the party left from school, Selina and I came home to "change." Here's a snipet of how THAT played out:

Me: S you ready to go? knock on my door I'm charging my IPOD
Selina: Yeah, I'm coming over
*Walks in and stands in the door way with a blank stare*
- continue staring at each other for 5 mins-
Me: Hey, you wanna go to Victoria's Secret?
Selina: Yeah, let me grab my coupons.
(straight face, true story)

And so we ended up hitting up the mall and getting some goodies from Vicky's Secret but not be to outdone by the other girls we went up to a friend's room and did some solid dancing. If you haven't heard 
Kinect for XBOX may very well be the turning point in mine and video game's relationship.

When we came home look what my lovely friends had in store...
Photo Courtesy of Marlana
How amazing are my friends...RIGHTT?? Delish!

Here is a little excerpt of how excited I am for Christmas. My friends were discussing outfit selections for a Professional Thanksgiving and with utter lack of self control I chimed in OMG can we wear holiday sweaters and reindeer ears!!! Definitelty got some blank stares, but being my friends and all they explained that I had the wrong holiday and the answer was no. 

Photos from Love Maegan

That is all. Back to my unfortunate weekly quizzes and whatnot. Good luck to all my fellow studybugs going through finals and such, you will all do great! 



  1. Even though Thanksgiving has not passseddd..Those Christmas photos makes me jump for joy!
    I love the pretty wrapping and the elegant XMAS tree.

    Ever since I watched Bridget Jones Diary, I do not own a single pair of holiday sweaters...

    THANK GOD FOR THAT! hahahaha =D

  2. Umm is it weird that I'm down for holiday sweaters and reindeer ears?



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