Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is it Wednesday Yet?

It has indeed been a while. My poor blog has been neglected but only because I've had exam after exam after exam. Just two more exams before Thanksgiving break....GAHH go faster! Here are some outfit pictures from a couple weeks ago that I've been too lazy to upload, while editing I noticed I look bow legged =( 
My unfortunate patho/cardio exam is tomorrow and thennnnn Mr. AL will be on a flight to Vermont! Pictures to come, Enjoy!

This is the giant book bag of sorts I mentioned in a previous post. It's super ginormous and cute and convenient all in one, highly recommend.

As far as a "me" update goes everything is pretty the same except the fact that I have exams owning me left and right. I would say I'm super overwhelmed and stressed but I'm so exhausted it's hard to tell if that is even true. I feel like a robot I just go to school, come home to the study cave, study till I pass out and wake up and do it all over again. I often wake up and am not sure what day it is; my weekends are just longer study days that somehow fade into the rest. Thank goodness it's almost over and then it's time to PLAYYY =)

ps. my friend nona asked where I got the bag so I'll leave a link here for you guys
(they are out of black but the gray is really pretty too)
Here's an equally awesome oversized book/not bag


  1. can't wait to play! these photos are not too bad =)

  2. i like the belt, when did you get that?!
    b-t-dubs you look like an asian mk and a olsen with that over sized bag...job well done!!


  3. Where did you get your bag? I've been looking for one for foreverrrr!

  4. hiii nona! here's the link for the bag, they don't have it in black anymore but the gray is really pretty too.
    hope you're doing well :)

  5. Thank youuu! You are wonderful! I'm doing well. Hate it over here, but I'm sure you understand ;)

    Miss you! Can't wait for a reunion over Christmas!

  6. Lovessssssssss it :) especially your belt!


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