Monday, November 1, 2010

Snow Showers...

So I wake up and gosh darnit it's Monday....AGAIN. I'm thinking, today is going to suck because I have to start studying YET again for another round of exams. BOO! As I'm sitting in the study room during our break I get an unexpected phone call from Marlana. "Steph, go look outside!! IT's SNOWING!?!?!?" WHHAA

side note: Everyone knows I'm from California and get really excited about snow, snow boots, snow attire, and my fear of driving in snow.

OK, back to my story. Logically, I grab my camera and rush out the door to a window in attempts to get some pictures for you all. Utter disappointment, the snow flurries didn't transfer on camera. Moving on to plan B, I run (yes I was running in the halls), grab Selina and go outside to get pictures...and video!  


LOLLLL We're funny I know.
(Sorry about the camera moving...Selina had some difficulties)

 So then, we go downstairs to grab food and they straight up have Ribs for lunch. HAH I don't know why this is comical to me because I know that our school is catered by a Steak House (T- Bones) but it still served for some kicks and giggles. 

...typical lunch  break...
Last bit of news. The organizations at school started a Giving Tree with little ornaments with tasks you can do to help out. I picked 2 off the tree today and 1 is to buy a scarf, hat, or mittens for someone in need. Uh...hello I was made to do that! So exciting.

ANND my wall of love which is heavy supplied by Irene CHEN!! Thank you for all my cards and love, you make my day. As you can see my ornaments are the top corner to remind me to do it because knowing me I'd forget, gah! So pretty much that is my life right now, only 32 school days left!!! YAYYY I miss everyone lots and hopefully I'll be able to make a STK trip when I get back. Well, time to studying and for those that care, it stopped snowing so you can rest assured I won't die driving today :)


Sorry for the multiple posts in one day because they were 2 completely different topics and each filled with so much fun I didn't want to combine them. HA


  1. WAIT OMG this post just made me sooooo in the christmas-y mood/made me miss you even MORE!!! even a fabulous glitterful MISS YOU card can't even begin to express the emptiness i feel.

    BUT i am super happy that you're having an amazing winter wonderland experience! we need to plan my trip to the east coast asap!!

    I LOVE YOU BESTIE <3 jia you in your studies!

  2. Umm it's currently 90 degrees outside in so-cal and I was debating whether or not I should go and sit out by the pool (on the first day of November) on my day off. Little did I know, you're currently bundled up in your winter gear frolicking around in SNOW. I second what Irene says bc ur video made me miss u too!

    ps. I made it into TWO of your frames! We're going to have to take LOTS of pics when you get back so I can continue to make it onto your wall of pictures. Yaaay :)


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