Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bring It Winter Break...

There are no words to express just how ecstatic/happy/overjoyed/etc I am right now. After a long hard 5 months I (we) have finished first semester of Pharmacy school. I seriously never thought I would see this day!! This was definitely the most intense finals week I have ever experienced. I am not sure of the exact number of hours I sat at my desk but I'd say it's close to 2 weeks so roughly 336 hours spent in my room studying. Today at 9:55 am I clicked 'save and submit' and that was THAT. I throw my hands up in the air as a sign of relief and say YESSSS!!!!

I tend to throw myself a pity party late at night (or early mornings) before exams because I freak out, feel unprepared, whine, and then resume study position. After each exam, Mr. AL would ask how it went. I would respond with "oh, it was fine =)" and his response " are such a spaz [in reference to my freak outs]! That is the last time I take pity on you when you are stressing out." HAHAH so true

Yup, more jumping pictures. Right after the LAST FINAL you just have surges of energy and you wanna jump around in the snow. Don't judge.

Lastly before I take my nap/sleep one last little story for you all. During exam week my room and apartment were in complete and utter disarray. I can only put up with that for long, even during the last few days I was itching just to clean it up. Right after the exam my roommate and I came home and got straight to work with trash, dishes, and laundry. Apparently I'm just too strong because I go to get my cleaning supplies and with one foul swoop rip the door off the closet! I have no words. HAHAH

Ok goodnight I have 2 weeks worth of sleep to catch up on. Sorry for all the posts today but when I return to the CA I'm pretty sure I'll have MOREEE pictures so yeah =) As I blog right now it's lightly snowing outside...looks like a snow globe. Snow is so nice when you are inside and it is outside but I still prefer my 80 degree winters. I'm coming home everyone, get ready!


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