Saturday, December 4, 2010

Call Me Spider Woman...

Pretty much the second everyone left me for Thanksgiving the next morning I wake up and log onto gmail and see..."Weather Currently: Snowing!" WHHAAAT. Logically I throw on my UGGS and grab a sweatshirt and bolt out the door to document the very moment. I give you...SNOW. I know I know it's not a lot blah blah  blah whatever I've never woken up to this sight so I will be excited.

Sometimes when you're feeling overwhelmed or sad or just blah in general it's nice to have pretty things to look at. I give you, Christmas lights. Selina had the brillant idea of putting up lights in her room and we pretty much jacked the idea for our apartment. When my room isn't in complete disarray I'll snap a picture of my oh so lovely lights. My wonderful friends left me, the shortest and smallest of the bunch, to put up lights and as you can see...I am very talented!

I rewarded myself with a ginormous wanna be Chipotle burrito. It wasn't as good as chipotle but I haven't had in so long it was pretty darn good. Food= Happiness. Can't wait till I go home and attempt to eat the world! Video and Lots of pictures to come for tomorrow so stay tuned. I miss all my friends from home soo much, I think it's because I'm nearing the finish line and I am READY to get out of here! See you all in 14 school days =)



  1. omg ...where did you get that big piece of burrito!!

  2. How amazing!! You got to see real snowww :) Can't wait for you to get back <3


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