Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't Mind the Blistering Cold...

I know I blog a lot about weather but I really can't help it. I've never experienced such things. Anyways, the snow has officially started to fall. It is exciting minus the driving and getting around part. We've had a good amount of snow for like 2-3 ish days and it's supposed to continue for the next 2 weeks. I heard there's supposed to be a snow storm this weekend but I'm just letting the weather gods know I REFUSE TO STAY HERE EVEN 1 extra day so they better get their act together! My last final is on Thursday and on Friday I am on an airplane to CA! YAY =)

Sorry the pictures are a little blurry but this photoshoot took all of 5 seconds if even that because it was so cold and windy. A quick update: pretty much have 4 exams in a row next week and I'm struggling to study, plan, prioritize so I can be efficient and productive. So far...unsuccessful. It's very overwhelming and I feel slightly biopolar. One minute I just want to throw my hands up and curl into a ball in my bed and sleep but within a split second I'm like "pull yourself together" KEEP STUDYING! It's definitely a struggle. Hope you are all having a wonderful week, see you soon.



    "I've never experienced such things." LOL

    we got this-I hope! gluck tomorrow =)

  3. I've never experienced real snow before...seeing how it was 80 degrees today in sunny valencia CA, I don't think that'll happen until me and Irene trek over to the east coast and come visit you :)

    GL on finals my dear and see you soon!!


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