Monday, December 6, 2010

Fancy Dresses....I'm So There

 Saturday night was Winter Jam 2010. Pretty much get dressed up with all your friends and dance the night away. I can never turn down an opportunity to get dressed up and rock some heels and so there you go. We have finals in exactly a week from today so I wasn't sure if going out on Saturday was a good idea but then I joined the dance performance and had to be there. Oh wells =) (HAHA if you know me then it's not really surprising I would join the dance team but yeah)
My gorgeous friends!

My fellow hip hop dancer! Check out her awesome Dunks. I have decided I want a pair even though I'm not sure I can pull them off, actually scratch that I definitely CAN NOT pull them off. When I told Mr. AL I was going to get a pair of Dunks or Jordans for dance he just shook his head and said "that is not your style, your style is....J. Crew." Touche. Whatever I can try. Because I love you all so much I'm going to post a video of the performance. Keep in mind we learned this in 2 days but overall I think everyone did awesome!

Special thanks to AL for spending hours and hours making this mix for me. I know I can be demanding but it's only because I want perfection, which it is! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


Now that I've wasted enough time it is time to study. If only you Californians could see outside right now. ALL WHITE! I have pictures I'll post tomorrow but the only way for me to describe it is...driving feels like you are on space mountain the ride. I think I'm done driving for now because I was seriously freaking out it is quite scary with the all white, unclear lanes, and invisible drive ways. I miss the sunshine. See you all tomorrow!



  1. I love the outfit changes and the performance-It was very hip hop and to the beat! It totally made the night because after that, everyone wanted to just get down and dance.

    Your outfit looks amazing! I need to get a pair of those shoes. =)

  2. and this is why i love this week because we get to dress up some more!!! =D


  3. love our "traditional" hand to the hip pic :)

  4. cute dresses :) i love getting dressed up for holiday events

  5. i'm liking the black-tights and heels touch to the gold dress you would make cupcakes and cashmere proud :]


  6. So festive for the holidays :)

    Ps. When I initially read that you had to join the dance performance...I thought you just needed a good dance party to let off some steam...not that you were actually on a TEAM! hahahaa loves itttt


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