Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Heart Hello Kitty...

OH EM GEE!! I have officially finished and passed my first semester of pharmacy school, but we'll get to that. So I had lots of pictures piling up in my camera and I finally got a chance to upload, edit, and post them for you guys. I'm sorry today you will be bombarded with posts and pictures galore. Just click here after you read this post and there should be 2? ish more to follow.
OK. Unless you live under a rock or something then you KNOW right now with a happy meal at Mcdonalds comes a SANRIO watch. First off, when I was a kid I loved the Hello Kitty Store and I mean I just wanted everything. 20 years later not too much as changed. Secondly, this seriously makes me so happy. Hence, our excursion to get our very own watches. Unfortunately, they ran out of Hello Kitty & Choco Cat so we settled for Keroppi...isn't he cute? 

If you follow the little pictures you can pretty much experience the excitement with us. My friend Kitty (heh yes like Hello Kitty) did an awesome job of getting every second and while editing I was cracking up watching our expressions I just had to include them all. We're like two little kids on Christmas morning. AND just in case you didn't get a good look at the baby pictures I gave you all a close up shot of the watch, it is super legiiitt!

I'm sorry this post is all over the place but that's my life for you. Next topic. My friend Julie sent out this clip of a video game reviewer attempting this ridiculous game called QWOP where you get a jelly man and then you have to like make him run. It sounds easier and stupider than it really is HAH. After watching his video I was inspired to give it a you can see I wasn't all that successful. In my defense I don't play video games but yes. If you haven't seen the original you can check it out here!

Stay Tuned,
a very happy steph =)

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