Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Los Angeles Clippers

Oops, these pictures and post are long overdue. I've been too lazy to blog and everytime I log onto blogger I see my friends have posts galore. Welcome to one week ago! The first week I was home Mr. AL and I went to a Clipper game at the Staples Center. It was my very first game and whilst it wasn't the Lakers it was still lots of fun. I later hear the Clippers have won their last 6 games except the Houston game, which of course is the game we went to see. Just our luck! My real mission for this outing was to get Blake Griffen to marry my friend Kitty but unfortunately I didn't have time to make my bright pink sign. I'm sorry Kitty I'll do better next time, I promise =)

For you Kitty!

The package we got from GILT also came with a jersey. Mr. AL was a little disappointed they didn't give out Griffen jerseys and instead gave out Davis ones. I now own a blue and orange Davis jersey, I can't say it really fits into the style of my wardrobe but it's a souvenir I suppose. Overall a super fun outting and I look forward to many more games to come. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an exciting New Year!

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  1. omg please do not wear that jersey out!!! the colors are ..... lol

    Glad you liked the game!


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