Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh You Fancy Huh?

My first day home and my bestfriend sure knows how to welcome me back. First things first the weather is Cali has been sucking big time. I thought I LEFT the snow for the sun but apparently the weather gods want rain....and lots of it. In any case, CA drivers don't know how to drive in anything but sunshine so you can imagine the freeways are crowded, accidents everywhere, and overall suckiness.We decide to have a dinner date  at Ketchup with some of her family friends from Chicago but with all the horrible rain Irene's padre was oh so nice and got us a go to dinner. HAHAH It really is as ridiculous as it sounds. We hit up Melrose did some quick stop, dart, and buy shopping. In the car, one of the girls who was 13 innocently asked..."Is that water?" (see picture below) Ohhh dear, it is definitely NOT water =)

Yeah I know that's a lot of pictures of me but whatever you guys haven't seen Irene in a while. Yes I'm a fatass we ate appetizers, dinner, and the fried oreos. We all came to the consensus that there is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS room for dessert. Case in point. 

- miss you guys + Julie -


  1. OMGGGG FRIED OREOS!!! food-gasm. fatties fo' life.

  2. dangggg your friend's dad is awesome!!!!
    Love the food pics!


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