Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Story of My Life....

Only my life is boxes and check marks....lots and lots of empty boxes and no check marks. 2 finals down 2 to go....it is beyond a struggle. I've been drinking Red Bull around the clock and some kettle chips and I'm pretty sure it's giving me atrial tachycardia or a heart attack for that matter. It's a problem I know but I MUST NOT get tired or faint from forgetting to eat. I hope all you free birds are enjoying your time at home, I'm so jealous.

Pictures of my favorite people all dressed up at the Chansion. =( Save some fun for me guys!

See you in 3 days!

LOLL thanks for the best nap EVER kitty!


  1. LOL anytime u need a napping buddy...i got you :)

  2. dangg everyone is blogging today! Keeping my facebook off time very entertaining.
    Your friends look soooo dressy. Very nice!


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