Thursday, December 16, 2010

We've Got Spirit...

The week before finals my friends and I decided it might be fun to put together a "Spirit Week" where the class could have fun together and dress for themed days. Here are some pictures of our week. I must warn you (my readers) my friends and I really and I mean REALLLY like jumping pictures. I did not realize until I was going through the pictures...but we're so awesome it's cool!

 Lumber Jack (Plaid) Day

 Holiday (Christmas) Day

 PJ Day (yes my friends are ridiculous and cam to school in robes)
Not Pictured: rep your city day

What can I saw we love our White Tees =)
Notice the watches!! I wore it every during finals and I passed... I sense a correlation.

The turn out was really good almost the whole class participated and it was fun walking around and seeing people dressed just like you. Definitely brought some fun during that sucky week of studying.

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