Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Drago Centro

One of my last meals in LA was at the trendy restaurant Drago Centro. So Yummy! I got the egg pasta with truffles and Mr. AL got rib eye aka bleeding meat. Since we were both dressed up it was only right that there be a photoshoot. AL has never been my photographer so our lovely friend Mijean kindly wrote him some detailed directions on "how to." 

Me: Can you take my blog pictures?
AL: Ok! Take mine first.
LOL questionable...

Sigh....looking at these pictures and writing this blog post now that I'm back at the north pole is a bit depressing. Today was the first day of school and it's been a struggle right off the bat. Hopefully it gets better, but with the snow storm building outside I have a feeling life is not going to get much better. 


  1. Full body shot (including shoes): check.
    Candid shot: check.
    Close up of your accessories and clutch: check.

    Awww mr. AL really did follow my directions!!

    <3 youuuuuuu


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