Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Bunnies...

The perks of living in Vermont...boarding =) This past weekend my friends and I took advantage of the snow and went boarding at smuggs mountain. It was perfect since I didn't get a chance to go while I was at home. Guess how much lift tickets were, guess....I dare you? A whopping $12.00!!! I KNOWW and rentals were another $12. I feel like it's such a good deal I must take full advantage and just going boarding every weekend. LOL my poor muscles. This adventure was both Kitty and Julie's first time snowboarding and we forewarned them they might be miserable and hate us by the end of the day, but in retrospect they'll love it. Luckily they were both great sports and had a good time despite the falls and bumps. I had to buy snow pants and so logically we hit up the little boys section and purchased these awesome overall type things. Be jealous, we look hot!

Battle wounds. HAHAH 
Have a wonderful week =)


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  1. lol at the last picture. Not at your pain but because i thought they were both your legs in an awk-position.
    Till the next tri[!


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