Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday Blues...

I'm actually having the Sunday blues on Monday. I spent the past week in Pasadena playing all day long and I must say it was quite fun! On Wednesday we went to Irvine for dinner at a friends house and theee only reason I have pictures is because of my dear friend/blogger Mijean. See there is something about other  bloggers, they understand the importance of an outfit picture. Mijean got a taste of what my photoshoots are like and lets just say I am very efficient. My shoots take all of 2 mins and I'm ready as soon as the camera is pointed in my direction! Here are the pictures, I included one of Mijean because she looked FAB but check out her blog for more pictures =)

The night ended at a club in the OC, Heat Ultra Lounge. I'm not usually a fan of the Ultra Lounges but it was awesome seeing all my friends and I always have fun where dance parties are concerned. Hope you all had an amazing New Years (pictures of that to come)!



  1. Fastest photo shoot evarrrr! <3

  2. Hello love, I stumbled upon your blog and love it <3 Your outfits are so chic! Where might I find a shirt like yours? I will be sure to add you to my daily list. Keep blogging - you are too cute. xoxo.

  3. Sorry to bombard you but after looking through your blog I just have to ask... What would you say your personal style is? What kind of things do you look for? Where do you shop? etc... Your fashion blog is one of the best I've found and I just love how all your looks are so wearable... and fresh! I'm a fashion noob and need serious help >.<

  4. Hi Lindsay, thank you I'm so glad you like my blog and outfits =) I believe this shirt is from the lauren conrad collection at kohls (it's from a few seasons ago and it was a size XL so I just left it drape). I would say my personal style is simple and clean with maybe a little sparkle (HA). I try to stick to neutral colors and a simple look. I do like the occasional BAM piece but for the most part I like to keep it easy. I shop everywhere and I'm all for good deals. Definitely forever21, Nordstroms, online (gilt, hautelook) I wouldn't say I have a favorite store or anything because I don't think style comes from the brand but more if you know what looks good on you. You are so sweet I'm glad you like everything I really try to keep it wearable because lots of blogs I follow they wear amazing things but I could never pull that off. Keep following =) Sorry this is so long.


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