Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's My Name...Oh NaNa...

My last night in LA was filled with fun, excitement, and panic. The entire month I was at home I did not go clubbing in LA once! Can you believe that? I'm not complaining though, there were just too many fun things to do that clubbing never reached the top of the list. Another item on the list that has remained on the list for some time was karokeing -- check. My last night in CA we went to Busbys to meet and briefly play with my dear friend Mij. Unfortunately the DJ at Busbys lost his freaking mind and was playing techno all night long -- not ok! So, we left and went to NRB =)

I had SOOO SOOO much fun!! Except the part where we returned home to J's house ready to eat his fajitas only to find out Mr. AL lost his keys at the karaoke bar!! I know, you can only imagine the panic. Not to mention this place was a good 40 mins away from our current destination. Car keys, House keys, all keys rested on that darn key chain. Thus, the only thing to do was stuff my face with a fajita and head out (thank you Irene for driving!!!) and retrieve Sir AL's keys. Success, the korean man had his arm extended with the keys dangling waiting for AL to arrive. HAHA I love adventures. Until March lovelies =)


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