Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clean & Simple

Those that know and love me, KNOW that mornings are not my forte. With that being said, this morning before lab I had a few extra minutes and decided to take my outfit pictures since I don't get out of class till late. Unfortunately, the white snow backdrop made the entire process way too bright and frankly quite a struggle. I tried my best. 
Anyways, I'm finally feeling almost 100% (yay me!) and so there is a blog post =) I'm super excited because a friend and I are putting together another dance piece and tonight we're going to hit up the dance studio and see what we can make happen aka DANCE PARTY! HAHA ok but seriously when you've  been cooped up in the same seat listening to lectures for what seems like endless hours, sometimes you just need a dance party to get those endorphins going! Till Tomorrow.



  1. do models not look at the camera??

  2. love this outfit, it's chic and simple with a pop of color from the red belt! <3

  3. very chic. love the navy blazer. xo

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  4. just like you i'm not a morning person, also i love simple outfits like yours :)

  5. Love the outfit, simple and chic!

    Fashion Rehab

  6. Love the stripe shirt and blazer! you loook soooo nautical! LOVE!!!!
    Big kiss, Happy weekend!
    Lots of love,
    Beckerman sisters



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