Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Still Alive but I'm Barely Breathing...

It's just one of those days. Please forgive me, I look tired in my pictures. It's the worst when you have a test and your brain completely shuts off the second you walk out of the test room, only to find out you're having a guest lecturer that is going to EXTEND class for an extra hour!?!? WHYYYY. I feel like a zombie.
On another note, it seems like everyone around me is just going through yuckiness right now and there's just not much I can do to help. It makes me sad when my friends are down...
 This is what I wore on this icy cold rainy day but then halfway through the day I changed into my pink uggs because these little black booties have absolutely ZERO traction and I almost eat it and die a bajillion times walking around on the slush/ice HA. It is pretty funny I'm not going to lie. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Monday!


ps. If you happen to like Taco Bell theres a promotion for 88 cent crunch wrap supremes until Saturday
and that's exciting =)

When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate, and
When life is bitter, say thank you and GROW.


  1. I LOVE YOU!!!...and taco bell <3

  2. p.s. your flats are here. they're super cute, very blog-worthy ;)

  3. ahh poor you.. exams are always annoying to have when you're really tired.. and you're right about productive days.. they're always good!

  4. love your cardigan! and thanks for the tip for 88 cent crunch wraps! i'm on a college student budget!

  5. I'm your new follower! :)

    Love your blog!

    Follow back if you'd like!


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