Thursday, March 10, 2011

21st Century Girl

Isn't the color of this skirt ah-mazing?? So, a couple weeks ago my very fashionable friend Denise asked me if  I had checked out the thirft/vintage stores scene in Vermont yet? Unfortunately, I hadn't had a chance yet so I took a personal day last weekend and hit up some places. While browsing the skirt section I saw this shiny and soft fabric and I immediately wanted it. Downfall: It's a size 14, but I'm ridiculous and got it anyways. I ended up folding it over and belting it on the side and since the fabric is flowy it's pretty forgiving and you can't really tell. YAY!
Side note: I also got this amazing leopard dress (HAHA I KNOW) but it's totally awesome!

Moving on, I'm FREEE!! I am unofficially on spring break and couldn't be more ecstatic. I'm monitoring the weather every 5 seconds, I really hope I get to come home on Friday. Hurry, everyone pray to mother nature for good weather!! That is all.


title courtesy of miss selina yun and having willow smith on repeat =)


  1. yay spring break! cute dress <3 it

  2. omg your skirt is BAH-NAHNAHS!

    love love you look so pretty!

  3. I have the same skirt :) it is AMAZING. I think I'll do an outfit post with it soon xxxx

  4. 21st century girlll i do what i like!

    wish we had a close up of your make-up too which was also amazing. :)
    i will let you know how it goes when i go to the thrift store today but i don't think ill be as creative as you are...

  5. You are amazing!Your smile is so enchanting!

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  6. Awesome skirt!! I need something like that in my wardrobe!

  7. very original skirt ;) i love it <3

    xoxo Joanna

  8. yay for SB and yay for ur skirt that is just F A B

    xx, catalina

  9. thanks for your sweet comment, stephanie! :)

    you are too cute. your could totally brighten up anyone's day with that smile. fureals.

    what a lovely find! which reminds me, after i get rid of the cold and the coughs, i gotta go thrift shopping. can't waiiiit!

    anywho, stop by again soon! i'll be having a giveaway next week :) hope you'll join in... would love to have you as a follower as well! hehe


  10. Like your outfit !
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  11. darlin'! you look gorgeous! love the skirt with the striped top! xo

  12. i love shiny things which means i love ur skirt!
    cute outfit lovely!


  13. great find! :)

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  14. such a cute look! love the skirt :)

    Fashion Rehab

  15. suuuuuuuper cute outfit!
    THe proportions are all perfect on you!

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