Monday, March 14, 2011

In Wonderland

Helllo from LA!!! I've been a little preoccupied seeing all my friends& family that my poor blog has been slightly neglected, just slightly. BUT, I'm here now and ready to post. I must warn you this is more of an accessories and guest appearance post so yeah. On Saturday my fashionable friends Denise and Tiff made at pit stop at my house for a quick visit before heading back to school. This is how I found them.
Denise had this amazing frilly black drawstring bag that I am SOOOO getting. It's so simple and perfect for everyday casual use. Out of the 3 of us Tiff was looking the cutest so of course I made her do a mini photoshoot =) We grabbed some coffee and while catching up and chit chatting Denise busts out a coin purse FULL of jewelery. The girl is ridiculous. We had our own little trade show right there.
AND LOOK WHAT TIFF MADE ME!! it's the hex bolt bracelet seen on every DIY blog. I'm so in love and have been wearing it every single flipping day =) Thank you TIff!!

Such a perfect day with the girls. I have lots of pictures and posts to come so stay tuned. Now that everyone is back to work and school, I need to start studying....again =/ *sigh* 



  1. sorry i didnt dress cooler....too hungover

  2. I have some of those bracelets! Haha, looovee H&M!
    Cool DIY bracelet, btw. Hope all is well with you Steph =)

  3. More pictures in the summer?! :) Lets do more DIYs then too!! :))

    P.S. you guys set me up hahahhahaha

  4. welcome back to LA!

    and thank you soooo much for your sweet comment regarding school. i've been stressing out lately but can't wait till i graduate next year!

    have a wonderful stay here in LA!

  5. thanks for getting back to my blog and for ur comment!
    i'm drooling over that chocolate thing and that cupcake. Time for a late night snack i think!


  6. at least you had fun:)! and yum those starbucks thingy's look really good.


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