Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lazy Sundays

vogue diaries

Can you tell I have a certain style? Even my inspiration pictures look alike...
Love Rachel Bilson, she look amazing in anything and everything
You'll probably see me in outfits resembling these in the near future because I'm loving the looks!

Anyways, theres another snow storm in the works outside my windows so I haven't left my desk all day. You would think snow storm + test on wed + bf in vegas that I would be super productive because theres nothing  to do right...but you'd be wrong. It really amazes me how much time I can waste in order to avoid studying; I'm pretty sure it's some kind of record and I deserve a prize or something. 

So my bestfriend in whole world gchatted me and said 'update your blog, i like your blog updates, they're so entertaining' and that pretty much made my day. SOMEONE enjoys my blog =) Unfortunately, I'm not in a blog worthy outfit and I'm too lazy to take pictures of the new stuff I got...sooo  you get pretty pictures of pretty people we love! 
Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did!



  1. it IS entertaining!!! silly girl, why do you think so many people are starting to follow you? for their love of vermont? i think not.

    and that chanel scarf/shawl. i want.

  2. Hi Steph! I'm new to your blog and I'm liking it too! I wish my friends would put comments on my blog more often. I know they stop by but they never leave any notes. You're lucky that you have friends who encourage you! :) That's enough to put a smile on a face! xox

  3. Nice post, i love Rachel as well, she looks ever so simply and chic!

  4. I love Rachel's style. Always perfect xxx

  5. so glad i stumbled on your page, love these fabulous stars' style

  6. love this post. its all outfits that i would wear! xo

  7. i just lovee lazy days!!
    and yeah rachel as a great sence of style<3

  8. hahaa!! sundays is for being a Lazy person!!! great post! :) im following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!

    xx :)


  9. haha I love it:) casual, yet chic. p.s. Jamie Beck's pictures are definitely amazing..

  10. Rachel Bilson has such great street style.


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