Monday, April 25, 2011

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

{reworked clearance necklace}

I've realized that pharmacy school will drive you to extremes. Whether it be in purchases, eating, or absurd amounts of sleep(temporary escape) it will happen to you sooner of later. As finals are fast approaching I've noticed that there are more online shopping browsers open during class(it doesn't help being on your computer ALL DAY LONG) and more packages arriving outside the doors of those in my apartment complex. Essentially, bouts of high stress will lead you to buy or eat or BOTH and sleep. There really is just no other way to cope, so you either go broke, get fat, or are well rested (but that's not really an option) sigh

That time of year has joined us yet again, extended study hours. See you in the cubicles/jail cell study room =/ 


ps. I realllllyy hope theres no such thing as a caffeine overdose because if there's anyone that might experience a 'study related caffeine overdose' would be me


  1. totally agree with everything said! -_____-

    andd i love the sparkle coming from the necklacke!

  2. Yikes! Sounds stressful! Take care of yourself.

  3. good luck girL! are you coming back to cali for summer?
    love that necklace, such a statement piece.

  4. girl i totally wanna jack your necklace! so freakin' cute!!!

  5. Your necklace is so darn cute! Love :)
    Xo Lynzy

  6. hahaha
    architecture is the same, except i think it's made us all chronic alcoholics!



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