Monday, April 18, 2011

Sister Sister

HAH which of these is unlike the others....
I've been swamped with school work and thus I have no pictures to share, yet. When I saw these pictures I immediately thought of my sister and the adventures we had when we were younger but on top of that...the girls are so freaking cute. 
These are portraits of a father creatively capturing his daughters =)


  1. omg these pictures are so freakin' cute!!!!!

    but i think the last one is def the best one ;p

  2. how cute!!! the cutest photos ever. for a minute i thought the last photo belonged in the set as well. xx

  3. Ha. I love how ironic all of these are. Great buncha pics!

    strawberry freckleface

  4. I LOVE THIS!! SO FUNNY!! And the girls are obviously beyond cute!

    xo Charlotte

  5. omg how cute is this! i LOVE it! so so cute.

    & you should def get the dolce vita for target booties! I think they are on sale so it's super cheap. I literally wear them all the time. They are so comfy and they go with everythinggg! get them!!

  6. Hey, how are you?
    I'm already following you, can you follow me please?? The blog's in portuguese but there's a translator and I know english!
    Thanks a lot!!
    Kisses xx
    PS: If you have a twitter can you follow please? @blogspm

    Alice Dias!!!

  7. thanks stephanie! :) how's school going for yah?

    &aww... i've seen these pictures before and i just ADORE them!

    you & your sister looked so cute! i wish i had one :( haha


  8. Ah, yeah I'm already missing college and I'm not quite done YET. Def. will try to cherish the next few weeks!

    And I LOVE these photos - saw them almost a year ago and I'm dying to know how the dad made it all happen :)

  9. hahaha great pictures!


  10. haha:D this is such a cute set of pictures.. they are always smiling! no matter what:) we could learn from that.


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