Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Thing for Scarves

I know I've taken a short break from the blogging world and then I return with one measly picture...
It's been a struggle I'm not gonna lie. In any case, there are only 10!!! more school days left. While that does include finals it's nearing the single digits so I will be excited. I cannot believe I'm almost done with my first year, eekkk.
This past week has been like a mini vacation in preparation for finals to come. My friend Jame's brother from LA is in town for a week so we're trying to show him a good time (aka explore Vermont for the first time). 
I'm feeling all sorts of mixed emotions from happiness to finally go home and see the boy, marley, and family; BUT, sad and nervous about my exams to come. Be on the look out for sporadic updates =)

Ps. I freaking got JURY DUTY right when I get home....son of a gun!!



  1. duuude i thought that was an alexander mcqueen scarf from your little thumbnail pic, i almost died. but super cute scarf, except fleur de lis is kkg's flower so i don't know how i feel about that...jk i lubs it still <3

  2. HAHHAH. thats what happen to me during winter break -____-
    Just pray you don't get picked and if you do, just say anything to get out of it!

  3. Oh!I really like that scarf!Such a great thing to spice up your look!

  4. cute outfit!! love your scarf <3 good luck with your exam!! and sorry about the jury duty ekk :/

  5. Love the I love the scarf
    pretty smile honey.

  6. the scarf is a cute compliment to the rest of your outfit! and good luck with your final exams! 10 more days!! you can do it!!


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