Friday, May 6, 2011


The outfit is a little boring but I liked how the pictures turned out so I didn't want to waste them. Sorry folks.
warning: this is a going to be one of those posts with lots of words
I will finally be going home tomorrow afternoon and I'm feeling nervous, excited, surreal, and all the above. I really can not believe that I have finished my first year of pharmacy school and in one piece at that. It blows my mind how quickly a year has passed, I feel like I was only just getting ready to start my adventure in Vermont. I know I said before I never thought I'd see the day I got into pharmacy school but now that it's happening it feels so unreal. The journey to where I am now may seem trivial since I'm only 22 years old and it's only graduate school and my life has once just begun. Regardless, I'm so proud of myself for not giving up and for all my friends and family that pushed me to move forward when I didn't believe in myself. Over the week, I helped comfort a friend during that "am i going to get into pharmacy school am i not?" struggle/wait. I always knew she would get in but it really reminded me of my struggles and emotions when I was going through it. The feelings of disappointment, loss, embarrassment, and overall defeat where I felt like no one could understand what I was going through. How everything I had worked so hard for was for nothing and how it was not going to happen for me. BUT, I made it and I know she will too. I'm so proud of her and I know she will go on and do great. I also know that everything and I mean everything happens for a reason. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to look back and be so grateful for the road I was given.

With that being said, this is the very first summer where I do not have any type of summer school whatsoever. It's crazy that I've taken a summer session every summer since like 7th grade...yikes. Although, with age comes working -- yuck-- but it must be done. So, in addition to my work schedule I have set some tasks that I've always wanted to do but never gotten the chance.
- buy and start playing with a dslr camera
- start seriously taking some hip hop classes/workshops
- lots and lots of diy projects i've saved for years on my comp
- spend some time with the boy
-& family =)

That's it for tonight, see you all in LA!

Ps. HAPPY -late- 23rd birthday to my bestfriend in the whole world IRENE! see you at the celebration tomorrow, you sure know how to do it big! <3


  1. i am so proud of you, bestie! you're not only the hardest worker i've ever known, but you're also a genuinely incredible woman with a heart of gold. i'm so lucky to have you as my best friend. you deserve every bit of the amazing success that is coming your way!

    congrats on finishing your first year, beautiful. i love you so much and i can't wait to finally see you tomorrow!!!

  2. Yaaaaay you're freeeee!

    Love the pictures, the shoes are perfect



  3. {heart} your casual style^__^ highfive,gabbie from

  4. cute blog, love the style and the photos! please check out my makeup blog too when u have a moment <3


  5. cute photos with the sunset in the background! congrats on finishing your 1st yr! i can only imagine how tough it must've been. & welcome back to LA!!! xx

  6. Sunshine!!! You look super cute, not boring at all m'dear. xo

    (I am having a buffalo tooth necklace give-away if you're interested!)
    strawberry freckleface

  7. This is beautiful dear! :) If you have a spare moment, I would love if you would enter my Dior giveaway because it actually helps me win a really big blogging competition that I'm in atm. I would be super, super appreciative :) Even if you don't want to enter, I would really appreciate your vote :)


  8. i love the pics with the sunset in the back :) it's really a golden time to take pics!

    congrats on finishing! oh how time flies right?? have a wonderful time in LA! i miss it so much now :(


  9. aww i just read this and this year is my first year starting summer session (which explains why i'm sooo behind haha!). i'm sure you'll be having a blast here in LA this summer!


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