Monday, June 20, 2011

Perfect Saturday!

This is a recap of my saturday/father's day celebration. Unfortunately my sister had to leave on Sunday to go back to summer school so we celebrated father's day on Saturday. I forgot to take pictures of food but basically iron chef adrian cooked some awesome pasta and we BBQ and had a jolly time. My best friend Irene came by to join to festivities and of course her brother Po (Marley's buddy) came too. The boys decided to have a pow wow after lunch =)
We then had a spur of the moment idea to go to the Grove in LA and it turned out to be an awesome time! My photog sister played paparazzi and took lots of pictures for us. Of course, Mr. AL was not keen on the picture taking and thus there are none with him, sigh

If you're having a lazy saturday totally check out the Grove and the farmers market. I can pretty much guarantee and fun and relaxing day!


  1. you have the cutest dogs. the photos are marley in the previous post are beyond cute. inside of hoping to run into each other we should plan something now that your back in la! ps - love the outfit especially the shorts. xx

  2. looks very nice and summery. Not like east coast at all!

  3. You and Irene are so cute!!! love your blog- love love



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